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Luna Potion

Luna Potion

to enhance moon magick


Let your magick shine brightly.


Luna is a handcrafted blend of Vanilla, Jasmine, Helichrysum and Lemon Myrtle. It is infused with crystal vibrations and charged with divine and amplifying properties of Labradorite and Clear Quartz to enhance intuition and spiritual awareness.


These magical gifts from nature help you to connect with the wisdom of the Triple Goddess, represented by the phases of the moon, each one providing you with different energies, strengths and teachings. The Maiden encourages you to explore new beginnings and pleasures, boosting your creativity and sensuality. The Mother teaches you the importance of patience, gratitude and self-care to become a gifted giver and receiver of love, and the Crone grants you the wisdom of acceptance to embrace the natural flow of life’s cycles.


Apply to your pulse points and heart space to enhance your magick when working with moon cycle rituals.


Luna is a delicious sweet and sherbety perfume that evokes memories of warm summer nights.

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