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Lull Potion

Lull Potion

to lull you into restful sleep


Effortlessly drift off into a peaceful slumber.


Lull is a handcrafted blend of beautiful sleep-inducing oils including Vetiver, Lavender, Roman Chamomile, Copaiba and Bergamot. It is infused with crystal vibrations and charged with the calming properties of Amethyst.


These magical gifts from nature help you to connect with spirit, providing you with guidance and support to follow your spiritual purpose. The deeply relaxing and grounding properties teach self-acceptance, helping you to let go of negative thoughts and doubts, and encouraging you to celebrate your strengths and achievements.


Apply to your pulse points and the soles of your feet at bedtime to lull you into restful sleep with gentle reassurance and peace of mind.


Lull is sweet and earthy perfume that relaxes your body and mind.

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