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Freyja Potion

Freyja Potion

to raise your vibration


Embrace your personal power.


Freyja is a handcrafted blend of precious Rose and sacred Sandalwood with a drop of Palmarosa. It is infused with crystal vibrations and charged with the loving and creative properties of Rose Quartz, Garnet and Carnelian to give you vitality, courage and confidence.


These magical gifts from nature help you to reach the highest frequencies, uplifting your spirit, and enabling your life to flow easily with synchronicity to manifest what you desire with ease. Open your heart to receive unconditional divine love, healing old wounds and bringing spiritual growth and inner peace.


Apply to your pulse points and heart space to raise your vibration and experience greater love, clarity, peace, compassion and joy.


Freyja is a magickal perfume with soft, warm floral and balsamic notes.

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